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I am Robert Bruce Anderson and I have 7 going on 8 years as a full-time internet marketer.

Before you read more, I need to tell you that this page is very chatty and is full of stories and more.  If you just need to know about a website design, or a price for a website you might want to just click away and save time – go here – web design packages or another set of packages on my second website – Sandton web design business or here – contact me

BUT – Those who are interested in a bit of where and why and maybe a smile – Read on …

It is this experience that I have gained as a marketer doing SEO and web design that has bit by bit pulled me into the website designing industry. Initially, I was just telling friends and family about how huge the marketing potential really is online and how you can set up a website that costs less that the cheapest second-hand cars, and within 60 days will be earning you R 10 000 a month – forever! Or, with the same amount of investment of time and money, you could have your landscaping, paving, pool, decorating, wedding etc business running and bringing you in a constant flow of leads all the time. So as I started to help friends it eventually got to this point where I now consult and build premium marketing websites for my clients.

Web sites that bring your business targeted leads

I am going to say something now that is likely to irritate you a lot, and probably get me into trouble. I am not one to keep quiet about the obvious – so here goes. South African business people are totally dumb when it comes to doing business online. Three years ago, if I cold called a successful business owner, they turned down my offer to help them. They said, “I have a website” and my brother (or whatever) is doing a fine job with it. Then along came twitter and Facebook and the world cup, with faster internet speeds and suddenly the local business owners realized that the internet had potential. So they opened a Facebook business page and thought they were now up-to-date. I openly laughed in a few people’s faces, out of frustration. We have finally got to the point where the same business owners see their competition getting a lot of interest from the web properties and are all suddenly jumping onto the bandwagon.

But – and this is news you are going to love! They are all still trying to do it with a 5-page website and a very small budget and that means that those of you who are either willing to pay for a quality SEO website package or are willing to put in the time and effort to do it yourself are going to kill your opposition.

They are going to be left behind and might never catch up. Think about it this way… If you started walking to Cairo and did not stop, no matter how many walk after you and also keep on walking, you will always remain in front. (OK – not the perfect analogy – as that someone could run or hire 20 fats walkers to walk you down – but I think you get the point :))

 A real life example

Let me tell you the story from another angle.

The client I am about to meet with today is in the construction industry, so I am going to use the building industry as a great example here. It makes it easy for me to chat about the numbers as I did real research yesterday for my client. Before I tell you any numbers – please guess how many people you think will look up builders or construction companies a month in Gauteng. Then think about how many people you would expect to respond to an advert that you run in the weekend newspapers. So, you run an add (magazine newspaper etc) it costs you R 10 000. ( I am guessing this number) You get 100 inquiries, and three sales ( still guessing) normal business methods, right?

Now compare what a perfectly done website would bring you.

About 30 000 searches are done per month relating to the construction business in Gauteng alone every month, and yes, this includes things like kitchen and bathroom renovations. So you are talking about maybe 10 000 quality searches. 5000 potential leads visiting your website and 10% calling your business asking for information or for a quotation. Huge numbers in my opinion and a nice sign relating to the health of the country. great! so, I know you are going to ask me what is this “perfectly done website” It will have a lot of stuff built into it. But it really boils down to this.

  • It will be WordPress.
  • It will look great
  • It will navigate beautifully
  • It will target at least 30 keywords.
  • It will have at least 50 pages and 50 posts.
  • It will probably have over 500 backlinks
  • It will have a strong social presence.
  • Yeah and a lot of small technical bits built into the machine.

Your website will be a constant source of targeted leads

BUT, and this is the absolute truth. Once your website gets to this point, you should be getting those 5000 really targeted buyers visiting your website a month. The numbers are not guesses. So compare them to that advert example that I was guessing on earlier. By now you will be running your website with an hour a day on social sites. You will be adding a page a week, and doing a little bit more to that, but that is it. You will have invested in an online web asset that is as powerful as X number or expensive adverts in all number of magazines.

There are other ways you could go and a lot of people take this route.

You build a neat 10-page site. You do great keyword research You pay Google for advertised traffic. This is still 1000 times better that that old school magazine advert, as your adverts are only shown to people who are actually looking for your product right now. Plus you only pay for the click, not for the advert showing up on a page.


I have chatted a lot here, but this all really gets down to a simple fact you need to sit with me to see if your business or your business idea has a lot of potential to work online. To see if you really do need a decent website, or just a free website from the blog type people like Wix or Blog, or blogger etc. get my contact details from above and set up a call or meeting with me to see if you can make a website work for you. If you need to see more about who I am or what I do here is a short list of some of my other website and some sample sites I have. They will be a varied cross section of cheap to a premium website, some real some just examples. If you find a lot under-construction, that is just me, I am constantly adding to or modifying my websites. I have one or two that I have built up to 100 pages a few times, only to totally remove a year later and start again (with a new idea)

My websites Need more examples? Contact me and say which type you would like to see. I personally have over 20 sites

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