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What is important about getting a local website designer to do your website?

I am a resident of Buccleuch in Sandton and see the suburb from a “local” point of view and with the details that a website needs these days especially after Google released the latest “hummingbird” algorithm update it has become an added tool in my arsenal to know the local Sandton environment.

Most businesses are local and rely on the suburb to draw most of their clientele, and when I say local I mean relatively so.

For example I have a particular Pizza place that has a branch in Bryanston that is nearer to where I live in Buccleuch, but I still support the branch in Randburg.

It is still Local  website designs for me.

So – is someone who you would hope to make your latest client puts a search into Google with the suburb or city as a modifier in the search term you would want your website to come up first.

You see, if three businesses meet their requirements and you are the nearest they will buy from you.

BUT, you would have needed to optimize your website for those local keywords so that Google knows who to send to your website.

How local is a suburb within Sandton.

Normally, like in my case I live in Buccleuch but it is part of Sandton, I would suggest that you target the city first and the your own suburb.

Different methods would be applied to different businesses – for example a dog grooming parlor would target very tightly almost to the shopping center – in fact including the shopping center where they have their business.

While a restaurant or appliance repair business could target a bit wider and a wholesaler would happily cover the entire Gauteng and even the country.

Now personally I have a massive advantage as I could target Sandton and the other local suburbs, but because web design could be done via email (and often is) I prefer local for the following reasons.

I know the local people, I shop with them, I see how the behave and react, and can adjust a website to suite the locals easily.

I could just as easily switch the design to suite a country atmosphere, but the point I wanted to make is local knowledge is king.

I could talk about a specific traffic issue or a highway that needs to be taken into account, or that Sunninghill people would go to Lonehill, and Bryanston people to Randburg or Sandton City.

Then there is another great reason for using my skills to do website design and SEO for your business.

You found me on Google.

You want to be found on Google.

I know how to make it happen for you.

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