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food sampleWe all know that every single business needs a website right? Now the trick is all about knowing what a decent website can actually do for your business. I do web design in every city and town in South Africa – and Clifton is no different. You see a website that is done correctly will achieve a number of things when finished, and those specific tasks and items that the site will do for your business are amazing in this day and age. Firstly the good news is that the mall cost of being on the internet already filters out potential non-buyers and then search keywords will bring exactly the right type of person right to your doorway. If the website is properly set up, your phone will be ringing all day every day. Now if you live in Clifton and need a website – I am the person who will give you what your business needs the most – buyer traffic. You can go online and find a dozen (OK a few hundred) website designers and a lot of them will be able to design you a really great looking website and that is a lovely thing. But the important part I do they have even the vaguest clue as to what a decent SEO campaign looks like? Let me run through a few things you need to know about getting a new website set up for your business. Here for more information about websites in Clifton

Your website must look fantastic

sample websiteI know that this seems obvious, but the images that you will have on your website are YOUR images and they need to be of a very high standard or your website is going to look cheap and scrappy. People do judge your website by its looks and do so in a second or two – without even knowing that they are doing that to your site. So you need to get the images and layout looking really effective for you to get the best first impression you can from your visitors.

Your websites Navigation needs to be perfect

These days’ people have become so resistant to any form of inconvenience and will simply click off your website in a few seconds if they feel that they cannot find what they were looking for. One big solution for that would be to do decent keyword orientated pages – so that they arrive at the answer they were looking for on the first page. Then you make it easy after that to go to the next step -= IE they contact you or order what they wanted to find.

Your website needs to have perfect internal linking

The structure of your website is vital to how Google sees and therefore, ranks your website. You can add spelling and grammar to that list too – Google is now using software to see that your English (or whatever language you are writing in) is up to par.

Your website needs to be serious about your business

What? Seriously – you need to plan your website from a traffic point of view, by knowing your niches keywords and making sure that your pages and posts lead your potential clients along the happiest buying path right up to your bank account. 30 well written, keyword orientated pages will be far more effective that a blog that just chats away all day about related things. People are lazy and want to save time these days. In fact if you look at this page you will see that I have been writing a lot – using all the keywords that I know I need on a page for Google to pay attention, and if you are still reading – I am impressed, because most people will have clicked the exit spots I put in front of you all the way down this page. Click her to go to XYZ or find out more here etc – that is the trick – to get people to go to where you want them to be to be in a position to place an order or to contact you. Any page over 500 words is likely to get better rankings than the other guys pages with little keywords on the page about web design, and websites and website design companies etc – all planned to get Google to realise that this is a serious page on the subject of designing great websites for people.

Your new website needs feet

jennysWhat I am talking about here is that a decent website will not only attract a lot of visitors but those that do arrive will stay on your site longer than your opposition’s website. The best way to get traffic to your website is to rank for 1000 keywords that relate to your business. Another great way to get a lot of traffic to your website is to have a very powerful social media system. The best way to keep them on your web pages would be to have really interesting content, or very detailed infographics or my best method – have interesting videos for them to watch and stay longer on your website.

Get your new website for business today

Well you did look up some variation of web design in Clifton didn’t you? I do powerful SEO orientated websites in Clifton and in every other town and city in South Africa. To see my packages you can go to this page – website design packages To find out more about South African website design you can go to the home page here – To learn how to build your own website from scratch you can go to this website here –

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