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My name is Robert Bruce Anderson and I have been building websites for around 7 years now. I also do SEO and teach people how to make money online. You see there are websites and then there are websites. When you ask for website quotations from web designers you are mostly quoted per page. IE a 5-page website costs X, and a 10-page website costs Y – but what never gets explained to you is what are they doing under the hood of your website. You can get a 30-page website that does not feature on the first page of the search engines even once. Then you can get a 10 page highly SEO’d website that features on 300 first page keywords and brings you thousands of leads a month. Your website is the face of your business. You already know that, and 90% of webs designers focus on that aspect. It is normal. BUT if you are serious about your business you will take a bit of time to research the aspects that will cause YOUR website to rank over your opposition and actually bring you business and not just look pretty.

Do you want a website that earns you money or just a pretty business card that is online?

Compare apples with apples and build a website that is a massive asset to your business

If you need to ask me anything or see some of my work – call me now 082 572 5446 or 011 656 9018

Johannesburg website design

Go and look at the top websites from your opposition

Plus you could go and read the Wikipedia description for web design When you have done that come back here and know that I can equal that or better them, and do all that for a more competitive price. How can you ever lose with an offer like that? Make some notes, think about why you think you need those features and then call me and we will go over your online website and SEO or marketing needs To see all my website packages please go here. South African web designer website packages

Sample Websites


These sample websites are more for layout choices for you to see.

The text and images will be your own.

I created these sample sites (they are not all sample sites) for you to look at so you can get an idea as to how versatile the Divi Theme is and show you that your website can look like “whatever you want”

Your restrictions are your own images and text – and sometimes that is not your fault. A restaurant or hotel, for example, can have fantastic pics, but a cement business – not so much.

food sample




chris site

Budget Web Design Options

See website design options from Free to R 100 000 These are the best choices if you are working with a small budget.

The free option comes with a few strings attached

The Perfect Web Design

You get a premium website designed and installed on your hosting, plus you get the necessary training to be in a position to build your website and grow it to a point where you can compete with the biggest players in your business niche

Full Web Design Including Social media and more

At this level you are setting your business up online as an immediate threat to all your opposition. You are getting all the elements that you need to have set up for your business in a single order. To see more click the title

Content Creation / Search Engine Optimisation

I offer a large variety of marketing services, and each might be very necessary for your business or website, but if you do not have the time, or do not want to waste the time to learn these skills, you are able to get me to do it all for you. To see what It entails – click the title

Would you like to see an example of one of my busier websites?

I create a lot of websites, both for myself and for clients and while I am not fond of showcasing my clients websites for a number of very valid reasons, I will show you a few of my own ones right here.

I also do not rely on website design for my living, so I do not need to have a “portfolio” to show off.

Now this crafting website of mine is designed for the very strong work from home community, all those millions of people who have a hobby that they take to the next level and sell what they produce.

I cover knitting from home to scrap-booking people, and every type of craft in between.

This website is there to be a community for those home crafters who are looking to sell craft products or whatever they made either online or at the craft markets.

Use this link to go and see the website 

Crafting Website Example

This example website is for affiliate marketing

I am possibly being a little reckless by showing you one of my stronger affiliate money making websites online.

This website is a perfect example of one that is silo built and designed just for keyword rankings. However, you do not just put 30 pages up onto a website and then expect Google to treat your website with respect. 

You still need to do all the correct organic stuff that will get your website seen as a real website doing a real job online.

This affiliate marketing site of mine was originally my main website for getting small business consultation clients. I recently deleted over 50 pages from the website and am now rebuilding it up with the main flow of traffic to come from YouTube. The site will eventually have over 200 free training videos on it.

Affiliate marketing in the make-money-online industry can be very competitive so it does take some effort to get the website right up there where the people are searching for what you have written about. To do that I have had to cover every facet of online marketing for Google to recognise the website as an authority website.

Please use this link to go and see the website

See The Affiliate Website here

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Until you have discussed your internet needs with me you will not know what your choices are relating to budget and options.


I normally use the standard website design packages as a guide and then add the features that you feel you need as an extra.


Contact me now via the phone or by email and let us get started on your online marketing today


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