EVERYTHING You Will Need To Know About Your Local Johannesburg Web Design Business – and How This Will Affect Your Bank Balance

Please read this entire page carefully. 


Doing web design in Johannesburg for local clientsI have done a lot of different things to the page on purpose, and while 80% of the things are “under The Hood” I would encourage you to go through as much as you need to understand exactly what your potential will be as a Local Johannesburg Website Owner.

I do admit to also having a bit of fun with the layout of this page. However I have also done the layout for a specific reason. I wanted to add as much media as possible, so you will find a lot of images and more than one video on this page by the time I have finished uploading it.


In fact it is going to be more than a few thousand words long- and all relating to Johannesburg web designing businesses and you as the potential new website client.


However you do not need to panic – as I do not plan to hard sell you at all.

doing web design for clients in Johannesburg and PretoriaI have a simple philosophy, and the advantage of only being able to do a few client orders for websites a month because I am a one man business. That philosophy is that you must WANT to use me as your designer first – that way we will always have a great relationship.

OK, enough intro – please go and read and enjoy this very good example of how a website page should be written out if you wanted to drive thousands of prospective clients to your business website for powerful buyer leads to pour into your business daily.

Looking for a premium web design business or for help to create and develop your company website?


Look no Further.

doing quality websitesAs a business owner you do not necessarily have the time to sit and watch over every small aspect of your online marketing and website, but at the same time, it is your business and you need to know that the development of this aspect is in safe hands.

I run a small website design and graphic business in the north of Johannesburg specifically designed to help small to medium businesses and companies develop premium websites.

Six years of building websites and training people on how to do marketing for their businesses online has given me a lot of experience.

But the really important skill that I have and propels me the top of the SEO| Website designer combinations is a simple fact. That is that I spend time every day learning the latest marketing ideas that are coming out online. It not so I can learn how to do bad things from and SEO point of view – but rather that I will know what not to do.

There are a lot of changes that happen online almost every day and the business owner that neglects that thought or side of their marketing will be a permanent bridesmaid in business.

I understand that you want the web design inspiration to merge with the serious side of your website development


doing SEO for selected companiesIt is important that your online presence combines that perfect blend of branding and navigation.
You need to realize that a visitor does not arrive at your website with the intention of judging it at all. They do however make instant decision that will be either positive or negative.
To be very honest all you really need to stop negativity is to keep the design modern, fresh and uncluttered. They will see that it is a premium design and get on with what they arrived for – navigating around your site to get the answers they were looking for.
I go to hundreds of websites a week, and admit that I should be very experienced in finding those links or navigation paths that should be obvious, but a large percentage of sites have pathetic navigation.
The point I need you to take away from this bit is this – do not over stress on the looks of your site.
Keep it simple and concentrate on getting the content added and optimised. That is so much more important.


Just knowing how to design or make a website or having the skills to create different styles of websites is not enough when it comes to the overall look, feel and design of your website


Doing correct set up for websitesWithin the website itself there are a number of factors that make a massive difference to the way that Google and the other search engines will treat your website.

There are factors like sitemaps, H1 Titles, H2 Titles when to blod, when to add iatalics.

A dozen other factors all combine to show the search engines that your website is 100% optimized “naturally”.

Images, videos, and your content needs to be added on a controlled way for it to be the perfect serp magnet.

Plus you then need to remember that perfectly normal visitors will arrive at your website and still need to find everything that they are looking for very easily.

I tend to write short paragraphs, and bold the more important facts as often as possible.

Remember you have a problem to overcome, the more text you add relating to a specific topic and all the related LSI keywords need to show the search engine your intent – and still be readable to a visitor.
For this reason you need to actually do a type of trick you-are-able-to-speed-read-this type system.
If you can mix up your important headlines, add bold and italics at the important parts and then lead your visitor to where you really want them to be using banners and links then you are the winner. Plus you should never write such long sentences. But my English is a problem I cannot seem to solve LOL

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When deciding on which of the web design companies in Johannesburg to use you need to consider the SEO skills of that designer and how they will incorporate it all into your website plans.


SEO and social media on Johannesburg websitesSEO is not just getting your website indexed by the search engines like in the old days online.

You need to be 100% certain that your newly found Johannesburg website company is very up to date with all the latest SEO systems.

SEO these days are complicated and equally very simple. They always will involve real work and normally a lot of time. As you are well aware time is really a lot of money otherwise you would not need to seek out a Johannesburg web designer and would learn this skill yourself. But it takes time and so does decent SEO.

A huge number of Local South African SEO businesses and web design businesses are using software still to rank your website.

That is a very bad thing and while it did work I the past you want to stay very far away from link building software that will leave what is known as an online footprint that Google will see and punish your website.

Web Design Johannesburg

The graphic design side of the same web design companies is important but very often it is only the larger web development businesses that have the skills of graphics, SEO and web design all under one roof.


doing graphics for clients both websites and other graphicsIf you are a medium sized business then you will be in a position to afford the fees of the big design agencies.

You need to understand that to do a decent web design for a business it has to encompass every aspect and facet that will need to be built into your web site.

This covers a correctly built silo CMS type website.

It involves very well planned keyword orientated content all in a parent/child type pecking order.

Naturally the obvious is included – the visual aspect and all the images and headers and banners.

Once you have the website built with the correct internal linking, H1 Title stuff and other on site SEO done then you need other specialists.
These would include social media specialists, back linking specialists, press release people and any number of other people who will be involved in the design and set up of your website.

So, to find a single person who is able to do 80% of those tasks and is up to date with all the current algorithm updates could be something that normal business owners will struggle to find.

At least in a situation where they are also looking for personal service at a competitive rate – that combination is likely to be the hardest find.

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Originally I orientated my web design business to offering design courses and on the job training for freelancers and beginner designers


Doing Training for website designersWell I am getting to the end of this marathon article and need to point out one last item.

I used to do a lot of training for people and small business owners on how to either set up their own websites for themselves or to do it for others.

This can be very time consuming and not very profitable if you do it on a one to one basis.

Part of what I was doing then was learning brand new stuff and then passing that training over to others.

Naturally after a few weeks my knowledge and skills on web design and seo and other forms of online marketing grew.

Remember that all along I was building my own websites and testing results all the time.

This got to a point where I knew so much and was able to build and rank a website almost at will. However it always came back down to one thing.

To do a decent new website and build it to the point where it is ranking properly takes a lot of time – like as many as 30 days of work.
So, you can image how hard it became for me to show a newcomer how to do everything I have learnt over 5 or 6 years in a few short days.

To do that training properly would take a year.

So, I now have an ever growing series of products and reports that I have done that still teaches a newcomer everything they need to know buy it is at a far cheaper cost to the learner.

Get a locally designed website in Johannesburg

So to do a final summary of what I am capable of and what I offer clients from a website design and website courses point of view


Use this link to contact me for a websiteRight now I do still offer very competitive prices on website design and especially local Johannesburg web design stuff. However I do see that this service will soon become limited.

The simple reason is that I have been working steadily over the last year and more on building up all those smaller section courses that I will start to offer online and this I expect will end up using the bulk of my time very soon.

I might still contract out the big premium business website where I do a very large amount of the design, content creation and SEO for that business. But naturally these will be very expensive and out of the price range of normal work from home or local Johannesburg businesses.

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