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, I continually adjust my packages in the details, and this list below is just a guide. I suggest that you look at what I have included in the example packages below and you use that to get a general idea as to what I will be able to do for you. Perhaps I should add this comment. I am an internet MARKETER first and this is why it is impossible to keep packages standard as the internet world evolves every day and I am always right up with the most current developments. Therefore, I can do what you need easily – the look is important I agree, but it not the most important thing by far. The navigation is important too, and if people cannot find what they want really fast they will click right off your page. But it is still not the most important thing in your website. The same could be said for your images, and your text – very important too. BUT by far the most important thing is what is under the hood. Your websites silo structure, its internal SEO, the external SEO, the density of your keywords, your social media connections – everything related to RANKING your web site comes first by far. But the rest must also be fantastic or the traffic will be wasted. Do you see how a complete SEO and website package is necessary?..

How expensive can a website be? If you took every single option that a professional website designer can offer you.


This would be a web design & SEO for your online business

, Let me start by saying that a top of the line 50 page plus, SEO orientated website can easily cost over R 300 000.

Now, don’t panic.

This would be something like this.

R 50 000 for the core website. This would have very seriously set up silo pages for keyword ranking.

This would include on-page SEO that is scared of nothing.

This would include a ton of details that I cannot even get close to advising you here.

That would be just the beginning.

Then you would have at least 3 more months at that R 50 000 a month level.

Along the way, link building, Social media and more would start to be incorporated.

Thereafter R 15 000 to R 30 000 a month for a long time (depending on the level of your competition) can easily go forever.



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Here is a little more information about the two free reports that I have offered you earlier.

all you ever need to know about making money onlineThe first will allow you to look into all the more popular and different ways to make money online. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD A COPY -( IT WILL OPEN IN A NEW TAB) Some of these methods are a full time project and others could be added to your existing business to create a new income stream. For example if you are a Plumber… You would have your normal website and plumbing business, but then you add a series of training videos that you could sell to people either as a DIY series or as a detailed training course that is aimed at helping other plumber train their staff or whatever. Maybe tips and tricks videos. You could also start a monthly membership website that costs (fopr example) R 95 a month and members get news, tips on new products, freebies, training, etc. Many possible expansion ideas for almost every business online. The second free report was written to give the business owner a detailed look into what are the “SEO” steps that you need to apply to your web and online marketing to keep your business at the top of the pile. DISCLAIMER HERE I definitely need to tell you that these online marketing techniques will change almost daily. Content Creation for your website The report will only be revised every six months, so if you are serious about what you plan to add to your online marketing arsenal, I HIGHLY suggest that you use the contact me form below and set up a call with me so that you can get the latest marketing techniques and tactics from me Currently – as I write this, Video and Google Plus Hangouts are all the rage, while the back-linking industry is switching heavily to expired domains as a form of linking guarantee. However, you should also know that some businesses need only target the local search side  and might never need to bother with big social marketing. Social marketing can take up a massive amount of time and in some instances you might need a full time employee to keep all the social activity up to date.